Get Your Dubai Urgent Visa In Next 4 Hours: Apply Now!

  • Jun 05, 2024
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Get Your Dubai Urgent Visa In Next 4 Hours: Apply Now!

Are you looking to get an Urgent Dubai visa in the next few hours? If yes then you are in the right place, in this blog post we will discuss how you can get a Dubai visa in just 4 hours. We will discuss everything you must know before applying for an Urgent UAE visa online including eligibility, required documents, application process & fees associated with it. So, if you're in a hurry to secure your Dubai visa, stay tuned to understand how you can get an express Dubai visa in the next 4 hours.

What Is Dubai Express Visa Service?

The Dubai Express visa service offers expedited visa processing to travellers who need to travel to Dubai quickly. With its fast processing times and approval timeframe of just 4 hours per application, this expedited service makes for ideal last-minute plans or urgent journeys to Dubai. By paying an additional fee to expedite this fast service travellers can avoid delays and secure their UAE visit visa quickly and efficiently.

Types Of Urgent UAE Visa

Urgent Dubai visas include three key categories, which should be kept in mind: Urgent Tourist Visa, Visit and Transit Visa. Here is a complete breakdown of Dubai visa types:

Urgent Dubai Tourist Visa

For visitors hoping to experience Dubai for leisure or vacation purposes as quickly as possible, an express Dubai visa might be an ideal deal for you. 

  • Urgent Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements: To get an urgent Dubai tourist visa all you need is your passport, photographs, hotel booking slips and a return or onward journey ticket from the UAE
  • Application Process: You can apply urgent Dubai visa online with

Urgent Dubai Visit Visa

When travelling urgently to Dubai to visit friends or family, this visa allows for quick travel arrangements.

  • Urgent Dubai Visit Visa Requirements: To get a Dubai visit visa, you must submit general details of your host such as address and phone number along with all the general documentation such as passport, photographs, etc. 
  • Dubai Visit Visa Application Process: The Dubai visit visa application process is very easy and can be done online at

Urgent Dubai Transit Visa

Dubai transit visa is designed to facilitate travelers with a layover of more than 8 hours in Dubai before continuing their onward journey. 

  • Urgent Dubai Transit Visa Requirements: Make sure to have a copy of your onward flight tickets, passport and passport-size photographs along with other documents (As per requirements) to get a Dubai transit visa 
  • Dubai Transit Visa Application Process: You can apply for an Urgent Dubai transit visa on your phone or PC through
  • Duration of Stay: The duration of stay allowed on a Transit Visa is - 96-hour and 48-hour visas
  • Conditions: Travelers must strictly abide by all the conditions such as such as not exceeding the allowed stay period and having proof of onward travel

How Much Does The Dubai Express Visa Cost?

The price of your Dubai urgent visa application depends on the type of visa you are applying for, below are all the prices:-

  • 14 Days Single Entry: GBP 239
  • 14 Days Multiple Entry: GBP 345
  • 30 Days Single Entry: GBP 249
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry: GBP 419
  • 60 Days Visa Single Entry: GBP 399
  • 60 Days Visa Multiple Entry: GBP 549
  • 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa: GBP 188
  • 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa: GBP 196
  • 60 Days Job Seeker Visa: GBP 955

Required Documents For Urgent Dubai Visa

  • To apply for an Urgent Dubai visa, basic documents include a passport-sized photograph and scan of your passport
  • Those from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan require additional national ID documentation as well
  • In some instances, you may also need additional documents such as return flight tickets or information on the host may also be necessary
  • Tourists visiting Dubai for tourism purposes should bring hotel booking receipts

How To Get A Dubai Express

Apply urgent Dubai visa online with It has a streamlined application process and easy to use interface. Below is a step-by-step guide to apply for Dubai express visa:-

  • Visit on your phone or computer and enter your nationality and travel country
  • Choose the visa type you want to apply for and make sure to click on the “Express” visa processing 
  • Fill out your application form completely making sure that there are no inconsistencies
  • Submit all required documents such as your passport, photos and hotel booking details and submit your application
  • Once your application is received, you will get a confirmation e-mail on your registered e-mail ID along with an application reference number.

How Much Time Does The Express Visa Processing Take?

The time taken to process your Dubai visa application with Express processing is exceptionally quick and takes only 4 hours. This means that you can have your visa ready to go in just 4 hours once you submit your application. This facilitates individuals who are looking to get a visa quickly for an urgent travel need.

Can I Track Dubai Express Visa Status?

Yes, you can track your urgent Dubai visa status with either your passport number or your application reference number which you must have received with a confirmation e-mail. Here is how to do it:-

  • Visit
  • Scroll down to the bottom and look for the “Track UAE Visa Status” option 
  • Enter your application reference and click on the submit button to get the status of your visa application

How To Check Express Visa Status With Passport Number?

Things To Keep In Mind While Applying For A Dubai Express Visa

To ensure a smooth visa application process you must make sure to keep a few things in mind. Here are a few considerations:-

  • Documents Required: Collect all necessary documentation, such as your passport copy, passport size photographs, hotel booking slips, financial statement, etc
  • Eligibility: Make sure that you follow all the eligibility criteria such as having a passport with at least six months of validity left after your arrival in Dubai
  • Correctness: Complete your application form accurately and double-check all information provided
  • Process Time For Express Visa Applications: Be mindful of the processing time associated with your visa application
  • Track: You can keep track of your application status using your application reference number
  • Ensure Accuracy: Check the application form for any mistakes or errors


Can I get a Dubai visa in 4 hours?

Yes, you can get your Dubai visa in just 4 hours!

How can I get an urgent visit visa for Dubai?

You can get an Urgent or Express Dubai visa in just 4 hours with

What is the fastest time to get a visa for Dubai?

The fastest way to get a Dubai visa is to apply online with

How can I apply for a Dubai visa online?

To apply for a Dubai visa online, go to, and fill out the Dubai urgent visa application.

How much will an express Dubai visa cost?

The price and fees of an express Dubai visa depend upon the type of visa you apply for. 


Getting an urgent Dubai visa to facilitate your urgent travel needs involves easy steps. The process involves submitting the online visa application form, and uploading photographs, passport along with other documents. In this blog, we discussed everything you must know before getting an express Dubai visa online. We covered everything around urgent Dubai visas including required documents, the application process, fees and visa types. So, if you are in a rush to travel to Dubai, don't worry – with proper preparation and timely submission, you can get your Urgent Dubai visa within 4 hours. 

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