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Track Your UAE Visa Status

Are you wondering about your Dubai visa application status?

Guess what? We have many remarkably easy ways to track your Visa Application with just a few taps on your screen.

Okay, let’s swing into action!

Required Documents To Check Your UAE Visa Status Online

In order to check the UAE Visa Status Online, you will need to provide some information to the portal in-order to check your visa application status or Dubai visa status check Online. 

Don't worry! We will not crack the “DHA Exam”, you will just need to check your email for the “Visa Application Reference Number” that you received on your email after submitting your application through the Visa application portal.

Guide to check visa status UAE starts here.

Let us get right into the tracking process!

I Applied Through, How Do I Track?

Congratulations on choosing the easiest and Fail-proof method to Track Your Visa Application.

This can't be easier, when compared to all the other platforms, the most convenient way comes out to be Tracking your application through the most user-friendly and Fast method, let me show you how to check UAE visa status easily,

  • Head to website
  • Under “Quick Links” select the last option “Track UAE Visa Status”.
  • Paste the reference number in the box.
  • A new page with the information will appear. The information will be either of the three - “In Progress”, “Approved” or “Rejected”.
  • If you see this message “We didn't find any reference number “xxxxxxxxx”in our system”, check your input and try again.

If you still face issues, you can easily contact our support team and they will fix this inconvenience for you so that you can track Dubai visa status without any issue.

Not applied through us?

That’s not even a problem, just make sure that you keep this information handy, i.e, Passport details such as the Passport number.

I Have Applied For Visa Elsewhere, How Do I check?

This is perfectly fine! There are some ways in which you can access the Visa progress updates easily. Excited? Let me show you how.

You Can Check Visa Status with Your Passport Number

Does it sound perfect? I bet, Yes! The basic information everyone has even while submitting the Visa application form is the Passport number and its details and the best and trusted method to check the visit visa status check Dubai is a Government website that is the ICA Website. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to be able to successfully check uae visa status with passport number online without the need of visiting the Embassy every now-and-then.

1. Visit the Official website Q of the ICA.
2. Select the first option as “Passport Information” And “Visa”.
3. Enter the requested details: The passport number, Nationality and the Expiry Date Information.
4. Complete the captcha challenge.
5. Click on the “Submit” Button.

Things To Be Mindful About : In need of an urgent Dubai Visa, you can apply with for expedited delivery with a timeframe as low as 4-6 hours.

Can I Check My Visa Status By Enquiring On The GDRFA Website?

Absolutely, the General Directorate Of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) is here for your rescue for UAE visa status check

For the ones residing in Dubai, you can now easily check your Visa status by the following method. Here, I would like you to focus as this is a little lengthy process.

1. Go to the official website of GDRFA.
2. Click on the “Track Visa”.
3. Fill in the information such as the Residence visa File Number.
4. Enter your name in as per the passport.
5. Fill in your Gender.
6. Select the date of birth in the correct format.
7. Solve the captcha and click submit.

After a few seconds you will be able to see your Visa information and if approved, additional details about your visa will be shown. 

Can I Request Dubai Visa Status Enquiry Through

One of the easiest methods to check your visa status is through email. When you applied for the UAE Visa, you provided a registered email ID. You will receive updates on your visa status, such as approval or rejection, at this email address. However, you cannot frequently check live status using just your email ID so this is just for timely updates on your application, you cannot use this method of checking as a manual method like the others.

How To Check My Dubai Visa Status Through Our Support Team?

We completely understand that at times, despite continuous efforts, there doesn't seem to be any option to check the visa status. In such a case, you can completely depend on us. With our visa tracking form, you can submit your details such as the passport number, expiry date, date of birth, and contact email such as your email and your nationality. We will check the status through our end and get back to you with the update on your visa.

Note : Please note that we only have the option to check on two status in this case, i.e, if the visa has been approved or Rejected.

What’s My UAE Visa Validity And Expiry Dates?

This information is generally available on your Visa that you receive after successful processing of your Visa application.

Mostly, the visitors who want to check on this information are within UAE , in this case, you can call the toll free number 800 5111 or if you are residing outside UAE and wondering on the Validity and Expiry date of your visa, worry not, you can also dial a toll free number +9714 313 9999 and get the complete information.

It is always better to have a “plan B” and in this case, you can also contact the number 600522222 for complete information on your Visa status, validity and all other information that you need.

Tip : The best way to check your Dubai Visa Status is via , loved by thousands of customers every year.


Yes, a bye is not a goodbye! Hoping you have received all the information on how to check Dubai visa status that you were looking for as all the possible ways to check your Visa status has been provided to you. From just the passport number to the reference and application number and also email. Keep the Dubai Visa processing time in consideration as Visa will be delivered to you but anytime within the time frame provided by the platforms. The best is still waiting for you, you can apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa For Indians through and get your Visa on time or maybe earlier than you would like to even check for the status. 

FAQs About How To Check UAE Tourist Visa Status Online

If your visa application is rejected, you can reapply with to get a visa approval.

You can check your UAE visa status with your passport number on the UAE Government’s official website.

Yes, you can check your UAE visa status online at your fingertips using your application reference number.

Yes, you can check your UAE visa status at any place & time using your application reference number.

You can do that by visiting the GDRFA and entering your visa number, if you see your visa information, the visa is 100% valid and legal.

You can do that by checking your visa live status through the various channels available. One of the trusted one is

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